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Winter Survival Kit


winter survival kitEven with cell phones, it’s still a good idea to keep a survival kit in your vehicle for winter travel.  You never know when you may not have cell service or just how long it will take help to get to you.  Here are a few items to keep packed:

  1. Several blankets and warm clothing, such as parka, boots, long underwear, heavy socks, mittens, ski mask.
  2. A source of heat, such as a multiple wick candle can heater. It is best to also have matches to light your candle, because some lighters won’t work in extreme cold.
  3. Water and a metal container suitable for melting ice or snow to be used for drinking water.
  4. A radio and flashlight with extra batteries.
  5. Food, such as hard candy, jellybeans, raisins, nuts, candy bars, dehydrated fruit, and jerky.
  6. Something to read to help keep you awake.
  7. A folding cup.
  8. Toilet tissue.
  9. Bright red or orange cloth and whistle to signal help.
  10. Nylon rope.

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