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New Year’s Activity – Blessings Jar


Blessings Jar


Blessings Jar

This is a great tradition to begin with your children in the New Year.  Whenever you recognize a “blessing” in your life throughout the year, just write it on a piece of paper, fold it up, and stick it in The Blessing Jar. On New Year’s Eve, dump out all the blessings from the entire year and go through it together as a family.  (And if you’re scrambling on New Years Eve to write all the blessings down that you forgot to write during the year like we often do…that’s okay too).

Here is one idea on how to decorate your jar, but really you can be creative and really make it yoru own.

Here are the instructions for making a Blessing Jar:

1.  Grab a clean jar with a lid (old spaghetti sauce jar is what is used here).

2.  Download and print the sheet music to Count Your Blessings (an old hymn).  Tape it on your jar.

Blessings Jar sheet music

3.  Add a label using scrapbook paper and stickers.

Blessings jar label

4.  Add a ribbon (or you could even make one of these adorable felt roses).

Blessings jar bow

5.  Start adding blessings!


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