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Moving and Packing Guide


Although moving can be a stressful step for a family, it can be less of a hassle when you get a head start. Preparation is the key to a smoother move – whether you do it yourself or hire a moving company. Look over this moving and packing guide to find out how to time your move, choose a mover, rent a truck, get organized, pack your possessions and get settled in your new home.

Do-It-Yourself Moving

The most economical way to move is to do-it-yourself. Sounds simple enough, just rent a truck, load up your stuff and go. This can be a good choice if you’re not going far, don’t have a lot of things to haul and have a strong back.

But think twice about a long distance do-it-yourself move. When you factor in all the costs, gasoline, motels, meals, insurance, packing materials, truck and equipment rental, you may not save as much as you planned.

Consider a few questions before you decide to handle your own move. Do I have time to pack, load, unload and drive? How many heavy items, like furniture and appliances, do I have to move? Am I physically capable to do this hard work? Do I have friends and family that can help me through relocation? Can I handle a big truck over a long distance?

Shop around for truck rates, and don’t rent more truck than you need. Rental companies have charts that help you calculate what’s needed to haul your belongings. Companies like U-Haul and Ryder make it easier with step-by-step moving and packing guidance.

Moving With Kids

Almost all children resist the idea of moving. The older the child, the more difficulty he or she will have with the family’s move. The thought of leaving friends, facing new kids in a new school and adjusting to a new community can be overwhelming. But there are ways to help your kids feel more comfortable before, during and after the move.

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